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From Our Students...

"The thing I have learnt is not to be afraid of what you believe in even if others don't believe the same. What you do in partnership with good energies will eventually affect the way others think and feel." -- Christopher, age 11, UK

"I just wanted to say that I totally love the connection between all things. I am taking the Quest for Life lessons right now. I think about love all the time, but can't seem to use it in my actions enough." Nick, age 18, USA

"I am so happy to do this course (How to Live Happily With All Life), it is the best school I ever had and it is not boring. I like all the positive words you write back. Thank you so much." -- Glen, age 12, New Zealand

"The course is very beautiful. Contains so much healing, opening a great world in one. I am happy to be a part of it. Sincerely as at now I cannot really express my reality of the awareness. I have no word to use. But I am happy for the great opportunity." -- Daniel, adult, Nigeria

"Taking Quest for Life changed my life. I wish I had taken this as a teenager! I now know that I can believe in who I am, and that the things that matter to me are important. I feel far more grounded and integrated, like I can express who I truly am, as a result of taking this course. Thank you to Patricia Jepsen and Delphi for making this possible!" -- Susan, adult, USA

From Our Parents...

"It is definitely developing his inner nature. He says that he wants to be involved with animal rescue and rehabilitation and sees that as his mission at this time. He is into recyling and nature conservation too." -- Valerie, UK

"Glen is sharing his work with lots of people this week. TALKING ABOUT DELPHI. Asking other people what they do for Mother Earth. He becomes more aware about himself and his environment. I enjoy his art and what he expresses. I can see that it brings him lots of healing, compassion, and it will encourage his big loving heart to open again. A big change already in a few days. His eyes shine, sparkle again. I am thankful of seeing his reflection in his work." -- Maggie, New Zealand

From Others...

"This is great! I'm so happy to see this curriculum coming online. The links with Kids4Earth, Kids4Kids, and all the others show that kids can and do make a big difference in the world. Your writing is right from the heart. Kids will love this course!"

Beverly Mills
Educational Program Developer
Knott's Berry Farm, Laurel Springs School

"Your program sounds great. We'd be thrilled for you to link to www.nahee.org, www.humaneteen.org, and/or www.kindnews.org in your courses."

Heidi O'Brien
National Association for Humane and Environmental Education

"I am quite interested in the work you are doing and in your objectives of kindness to all life and care for our planet earth, encouraging international peace and partnership, as well as fostering interest and abilities in global leadership....

"You also have my thanks for being able to be a part of helping today's youth better understand and develop their capabilities, and to recognize and activate their potential.

"Let me know If I might be of assistance in any further way to help you move toward those objectives."

Grady L. Dobbs
Founder and CEO
RSVP For Success

"Your work with teens uplifts my heart....I'm honored to be included in your learning program with my friend David Suzuki and others."

Kenneth Judah Freed
Author, Global Sense
Media Visions Press Ltd